Black panthers intimidating voters video

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Black panthers intimidating voters video - Only text sexchat

But Fox News will be Fox News, so you'll probably see them rehashing this story for FOUR MORE YEARS!

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But Shabazz, who held the billy club and was more aggressive, was nowhere to be seen.So it was no surprise that Fox News, who have played my video hundreds, if not thousands, of times (and I've never been paid a dime..c'est la vie), found Jackson at the same polling place this morning.(See the video ) That said, so long as he didn't have a nighstick like Shabazz, who was by far more aggressive, unstable, and confrontational, I don't think he's all that intimidating.): "On Election Day, I was working as a paid videographer for the Philadelphia Republican Party.My job was to find and document voting irregularities.The Committee of Seventy, an election watchdog group in Philadelphia, said Tuesday there was much confusion at polling places in Philadelphia and its suburbs about the voter ID law.

It said many polling sites around the region were distributing old information indicating that voters must produce ID to vote.When the reporter asked the black panther if he was there to provide security, the man replied, “No comment.”Other Black Panthers reportedly showed up at a second polling place in Philadelphia Tuesday morning.On Election Day in 2008, three members of the New Black Panther Party stood outside a polling place in Philadelphia, with one of them brandishing a nightstick or baton. Bush filed a civil complaint again three Black Panthers — Minister King Samir Shabazz, Malik Zulu Shabazz and Jerry Jackson — charging them with violating voter rights by using coercion, threats and intimidation.Meanwhile, Democrats in the key battleground state were concerned about a mysterious last-minute mailer, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.The newspaper wrote that a voter in Harrisburg, site of a close state senate race, reported recently getting a mailer that purported to come from the state’s Department of State saying identification is required to vote.The wall at Benjamin Franklin Elementary School, which was just inches away from at least one voting machine, includes an image of Mr.