Dating books online expert recommendations

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For instance, in obtaining a degree focusing on, say, special collections, you're working with a static collection of books.

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A forged copyright page would only do good in a very small % of books, and again you run into the problem of having to forge the type, paper, ink, and on top of that figure out how to bind it into the book in a way that wouldn't be obvious to a specialist.People have suggested not selling to book breakers, but that's not really practical--what, do you have them check a box before bidding at auction that says "I won't break this book"?It's worrisome for sure, but I'm not sure about a practical solution. Have I stopped filming to ask people to handle a book properly to avoid damage? But actually it's very easy to handle most books without doing them harm if you follow some basic rules.I keep up a blog and a Facebook page with interesting facts about books and advice on book collecting: verification here Also visit my company's site to see what I really do outside of Pawn Stars: Thanks to everyone for participating! By the way, playing around on Reddit while answering questions, I came across this thread: The "girl" at the shop was me--and I actually tell that story myself sometimes, about the visitor with the clever Heisenberg joke. One can obtain an advanced degree specializing in the history of the book, or something similar--but becoming a dealer is slightly different.There's no degree for that; it's more like an apprenticeship.But if you've only seen one copy, how much can you speak to its relative condition?

You need to see multiple first printings to get an idea of condition--key to determining collectible value--and that is hard to do unless you have experience as a dealer who sees so many more books come and go. Interesting stuff, it makes sense that degrees in it wouldn't be worth as much in the long run as hands on experience.I can only imagine how much time it took until you were actually "good" at it.That's one of the amazing perks of being hired specifically by my company, Bauman Rare Books.[End shameless pitch for my company]Probably, all things being equal (not signed or anything), his first book: Three Stories and Ten Poems.Published in Paris in 1923 in an edition of only 300 copies.It's one of the world's largest and best known rare book dealers, so I get access to some incredible and incredibly rare books.