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That means that after this year, there are three more years left on his new deal.

He just came off of a 10-game suspension for violating the league’s substance-abuse policy.

If multiple key players voice their displeasure with Jack directly to Reggie Mc Kenzie and/or Mark Davis, then a change might have to be made.

There is also a hope, even if it’s only sliver of hope, that things will improve when a fresh face enters the mix.

But Del Rio said in a presser that there won’t be major scheme changes, which says everything that there is to say.

This is Del Rio’s show, and he needs to be held accountable for it.

It only took three games into the season for the offense to go on a four-game nose dive, and they’ve only shown serious flashes of life once since then.

He’s never called plays at any level during his coaching career, not even high school, and he’s clearly in over his head.Pagano has primarily working with the secondary — the same secondary that has set an NFL record for longest drought in NFL history without an interception.So it’s hard to be optimistic about things changing when this is the guy who is now in charge.There is precedent for coaches being fired the first season after a new extension — Jeff Fisher and Brad Childress are two examples — but both of those team owners are much more well-off than Davis.The only way Del Rio gets fired after the season, in my opinion, is if he loses the locker room.He wasn’t perfect, but the offense took a huge step forward under his watch, and he does deserve his fair share of credit for that.