Roy qiu and chen qiao en dating

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Roy qiu and chen qiao en dating

He announced that he would give away his fortune to the one who marries Fu An, Da Fengs becomes tempered and sends out a killer to end her (not knowing who Fu An is).Realizing that Fu An was the girl he met in the village, he agrees to marry her for the money, but when Da Feng has feelings for Fu An, he regrets setting all his traps to send her away.

Wallace Huo‘s new movie 捉迷藏 Hide and Seek held a press conference on May 30th. Ady An and Qiao Zhenyu at a press conference for their drama Epiphyllum dream.

Yan Da Feng's grandfather was a hunter who had been injured, he was lucky to survive from a girl named Huang Chun Xiang, she was a herbalist, and treated him with herbal medicine.

He fell in love with her, and promised he would come back for her.

After learning about this, Joe became upset and got into an argument with Louis over the phone, blaming him for not respecting her and for keeping secrets.

The argument ended in tears and each giving the other the cold shoulder.

Rom-com Stay With Me starring Chen Qiao En and Wang Kai.

Shake head at this weird combination: Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck? Drama 女管家 with Janine Chang and Liu Huan released character posters.

With their feeling starting to grow, will Han Dong Jie and Jiang Zhen Zhen come in their way?

Will Xie Fu An and Yan Da Feng be together for eternal love?

Ou Hao (Super Boys, Left Ear) and Jing Tian (Legend of Banshu) has been casted together for movie 热血高校之青禾男高.

Mike D’Angelo and Rachel Mao are cast together for new drama Delicious Destiny. Look at the happy smile of Lin Gengxin hehe Is it because you are working with Zhao Liying and Shawn Dou?

New drama Super Star Academy Season 1 超能星学园 will start airing soon.

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