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Sex chat malta

Due to Malta’s past as a British colony, Maltese state school sector naturally draws its main inspiration from the British educational system.In Malta, all children between 4-16 years old have the right to free education in all state schools, regardless of age, sex and belief.

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As the church transferred much of its land to the state, salaries are covered; parents are however required to pay a yearly fixed donation to make up for shortfalls.

Attendance at Primary School is compulsory for all children and there is a school roughly in each town.

Until 2010 streaming was practiced during the last two years of Primary School to determine which school the students would move on to after primary school, however this is no longer practised for more inclusion.

Primary School: 4-10 years old Secondary School: 11-16 years old O-levels: 16 years old (open for everyone)Sixth Form: 16-18 years old A-levels: 16 years old (open for everyone)University, MCAST: 18 -25 In Malta schools are divided into two categories: State Schools and Private Schools.

State Schools provide free education to all students attending and are located in all main towns around Malta and Gozo.

At High School the students study different topics and are being prepared to sit for their A-levels which is needed to get into University.

After students pass their A-levels, (2 A-levels and 4 intermediate) they are free to start at the University of Malta or MCAST when they want.The standard of education in Malta is high and exams are introduced to pupils at an early age.School uniforms are a norm in Malta and each school has a different uniform with unique colours and logo.In Malta the goal is to place students with special needs in mainstream schools, however specialized schools are available too.After primary school students move on to start secondary school which last for 5 years, from 11-16 years of age.The only thing that parents are required to buy is the school uniform.

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