Speed dating movie plot

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Speed dating movie plot - reality show dating in the dark

Picture the scene – The curtains/blinds are closed, the candles are lit and you’re cuddling up to your other half.Now all you need is the perfect movie to complete your romantic evening in.

It’s actually pretty difficult to narrow them down, but here you’ll find our recommendations for 20 of the top romantic movies. The Notebook If you’re looking for the ultimate, soppy, make you cry movie, The Notebook is hard to beat.You’ll be taken on an unforgettable, emotional journey and will definitely have a few tears in your eyes by the end of the film. 10 Things I Hate About You Another light hearted, funny romantic movie to add to the list is 10 Things I Hate About You.Starring the late departed Heath Ledger, the film is based around Kat (Julie Stiles) and her sister Bianca.Living and working as a high flying editor in New York City, Bullock’s character soon finds her world tipped upside down when it appears her visa has run out.In an effort to stay in the United States, she persuades her assistant (Reynolds) to marry her. That’s the question most mend have been asking themselves for decades.Richard Gere and Julia Roberts are the leading roles in the film so expect brilliant performances. The Proposal One of the most recent romantic movies on the list, The Proposal is a film that both men and women seem to enjoy.

Starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, this funny, 2009 film is sure to have you laughing throughout.When young newcomer Cameron falls for Bianca, he comes up with a plan to woo her.Paying bad boy Patrick (Heath Ledger) to take Kat on a date, it starts a string of events that lead to tears, heartbreak and happiness. Ghost Ghost is one of those films that will really pull on your heart strings.Released in 1939, this timeless film was adapted from the Pulitzer prize-winning novel of the same name by Margaret Mitchell.Set during the American Civil War, a blockade runner and a manipulative Southern beauty start a troubled affair.With its Christmas theme, this may be one to save until December time. Pretty Woman Another classic on the list, Pretty Woman is an unlikely love story that was released in 1990.

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