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Since you'll probably be eating on your first date, the chances are good The Big Confession will come early.

The other good news for single vegetarians is that you can date anyone you want: meat-eaters, semi-vegetarians or vegetarians.

When you're a vegetarian the advantage to dating meat-eaters should be obvious--just like cockroaches and dandelions, you'll find them everywhere.

The odds are good that the blonde at the bus stop or the macho hunk you've been eyeing at the water cooler doesn't share your vegetarian philosophy.

In fact, you are really starting to like each other. That means you are just about to hit the next obstacle: The Barbed Wire Fence.

This is when you and the meat-eater start to throw little barbs at one another about your respective diets.

It will come to a head the night your date takes you to dinner at his or her parents' house.

Afterwards you'll have this little discussion: With every romantic relationship come instances of aesthetic disappointment." I looked at her, the grease still dripping down her chin, and hesitated. I handed her a napkin, and our relationship was never the same again.Of course The Big Confession, The Barbed Wire Fence, and The Meatball Sub are all manifestations of the same problem: vegetarians and meat-eaters have a major philosophical difference between them.They are people of compromise; they are often willing to make big concessions in order to avoid complications. They have courage and inspiration, and they are active and creative. They give priority to individual success and have the ability to use their initiative and determination to succeed. At first it will all be good-natured, and you might even see it as a sign that you are feeling more comfortable with each other.